Saturday, June 4, 2011

Damon Lawrence Innes

At my last doctors appointment we asked my doctor if he could induce me on the first, he said that he would need a good reason to induce me before 39 weeks. So he checked me and I was dilated to 3.5 and he moved things around to try and get things going. The reason we needed damon to come 2 days before I was 39 weeks was because Lamar had to go into this study to make some money. So of course we wanted Lamar to be there. Anyways after my appointment I we went and bought castor oil, boy that stuff is crazy. I took it when we got home and I spent alot of the rest of the day close to the bathroom. That night I was having contractions that were 4 mins apart. I wanted to wait til the morning before I called my dr, but in the morning the contractions were gone! I called my dr and he said to drink more oil and to call him when I got contractions again. The second time drinking the oil it took a longer time to get contractions but finally around 8 pm they started up again. I didnt tell anyone til 840 just to make sure. I called my dr and told him the contractions were 4 mins apart and he said to go to the hospital. We got there just before 10 and an hour later my dr came and broke my water....My contractions were starting to hurt way bad and I couldn't keep my body from shaking, I didnt sleep very good the night before and needed to so I got a epidural 30 mins after having my water broke. I fell asleep for awhile and around 3 am they checked to see how dilated I was, I was only a 5 so they gave me pitocin to help things along. I fell asleep again and right before 6 I could feel pressure, my nurse checked and she said that she could see that babys head. So I got some more medicine so I couldnt feel pressure anymore, and everyone else was getting everything ready. I started pushing a little after 6 and 45 mins later Damon was born! Lamar got to cut his cord, and after that he followed the baby every where...he loves him so much it's fun to watch them together. The timing was perfect cause Lamar got to stay one night with us then he had to leave the next morning at 10. Me and my mom left the hospital the same day, it's nice to be home in my bed. I hope this doesnt sound way crazy it is kinda hard to re tell. I will put up pictures too! I love being a mom :)


Tanner, Amy, and Alexis said...

Congrats!!!! i am so happy for you and your Family! Your going to be an awesome mommy! :) :)

Summers Family said...

Wow! That went pretty fast! I'm glad everything went well for you! Now hurry and post more pictures!!!!!!!

Cory and Lyndsey said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys :) Hope all is well and that you made it back to AZ safely!!