Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today we have been married 6 months!!! Time is flying by, it is crazy. It still feels like yesterday was our honeymoon......Things that have happened to us so far have all been blessings. First of all we are going to BYU Hawaii in 2 months, which we are so excited for. It will be a chance of a lifetime and a time to grow closer to eachother and really learn how to rely on eachother. We both have great jobs Lamar is working construction and I am working at a landscaping company. Right now we're living at Lamar's parents to save as much as we can. It will be hard to compact our lives into a couple suitcases but I think it will be WAY worth it!

We both graduated from Eastern Arizona College and we wanted to celebrate and since were going to an island for hopefully 2 years we decided to go to Six Flags in Cali......the tickets were on sale and I wanted to go before kids start being in our picture. So we all drove up to Cali for a weekend. It was way fun and the best graduation present ever!

Newport Beach

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last weekend all of Lamar's family was in town for his sister leisel's graduation and so we wanted to go do something fun. We went up to the mt graham to the pot holes, where they have waterfalls that are like slides. The water was so cold so we didn't get too crazy but it was fun. We had to climb up this rock wall and climb and stuff so it was way fun! This picture was after we slid down the waterfall behind us....crazy i know!
Lamar loves his dirtbike so we rode it up the road to the pot holes. It's kinda fun to ride but a little to do it before we have kids haha!