Thursday, January 14, 2010

photo shoot

Right before christmas our wonderful friend crystal did a little photo shoot for us!! The beach is the best background for any photo!

Ok so lots has happened over the last couple months....sorry friends! I am still working at a local hair salon and Lamar is still in school at BYUH. Today was his first day in the training room, right now he's just getting hours there and next semester hopefully he can get a scholorship for being there... So everyone asks us what we do here and how many times we go to the beach..ha! We never had time before to do anything! But our new years goal is to try and do as much fun things as we can. Our first week back from christmas in Arizona we did the craziest hike with some friends. It's called the stairway to heaven, it goes to the highest point on the island!! We were in the clouds..we have some pictures of it on facebook :) We were so glad we got to go home and see everyone, especially Abby my new niece!! But its good to be back here to be responsible, and back to getting on with our lives. We finally got into on campus housing, its a cute little place but perfect for the 2 of us. It is the first place we've had together with an oven!! So i am gonna start trying to cook more. Our living room is our bedroom haha so we don't really want to invite people over..but we can't wait to have people from arizona come see us! We want to show friends and family our place and share some of our everyday life with them.
We had our one year anniversary when we were back home, we just spent it with the family, maybe we'll still do something crazy fun here! I can't believe it's been a year already,we've done so much together so far...I can tell our lives are gonna be crazy and full of excitment!