Sunday, December 5, 2010

The last couple of months have flown by... For halloween we went to a little ward party and we dressed up as nerds, last minute thing. The party wasn't super fun so we left and we went to our friends house and watched a movie. November flew by so fast, when thanksgiving came around we were lucky enough to have amazing friends that know what their doing in the kitchen. KC and sherry invited us to eat with them and KC's brother and his wife. The night before the big day the girls made 3 pies, apple, pumpkin and chocolate pudding. We had so much food and it was all so good, it made me realize that cooking isn't that hard. Me and Lamar made a turkey, so yucky and weird...but we put it in a pit the whole night before and the meat just feel off the bone and it was good. After we ate out feast I was so sleepy!! So we cleaned up and took some naps.. Then that night we went and saw unstoppable the movie, it was pretty good. And now it's already December, so i have to get to the store, we haven't gone christmas shopping yet! We put up a fake tree some of our friends left for us it fits perfect and helps get us in the christmas spirit. Its hard to feel the special love for the holidays when its like 80-70 degrees outside. Some of Lamar's family is coming on December 13-22 so it will be nice to have some company. Our apartment is so tiny so it will be a squeeze but it should be fine.
We had some crazy things happen right before thanksgiving and we got in a little fender bender and we have had some other little annoying things happen... It always seems to happen all at once and were thinking WHY?? but we figure something good always happens after all the bad and it's just to test us.. I am just glad we were prepared for the little problems. And we are so grateful for our close good friends that have taken us places and helped us out! We love our friends and the funny thing is their all from Arizona! But we are happy and excited for this christmas we get to spend together!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy times!

We have been so busy lately with work, school, and everything in between. But we still find some time to have fun!! It is kinda hard to find new fun things to do here just because everything has to do with water or eating...ha we love both of those things but we do get bored. But we have been going to new beaches and we even got to go to a UH football game and watched the blue angels. We still love being here, it has become our home. We have been here almost a year and a half and it seems way shorter!! We have great friends and the funny thing is half of them are from Arizona, so hopefully we will stay friends for a long time!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lamar's Birthday and my family comes to hawaii!!

In the middle of August my parents and my oldest sister, and youngest brother come to visit! They were here for 6 days and we had lots of fun, I was really bad at taking pictures... my sister got a lot more. We went downtown, the swap meet, waimea, hukilua, PCC, and lots more!! The day they went to the culture center was lamars birthday, im usually really bad at surprises but this time i did good!! But I couldn't have done it with out my awesome neighbors!! Shelle and Miah made an amazing cake and Lamar loved it , and we did a potluck for dinner. Happy Birthday Lamar!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What's been going on...

So a lot has been going on and I finally have pictures to go along with the stories! Lamars friend had a birthday party last week and that night some of the guys went night diving with spears, and this is what they brought back!

Lamar said he shot a blow fish too but they didn't want to bring that back...

Lamar cut and gutted the fish while everyone else watched.

I have some 4th of July pictures I never put up, we went to turtle bay resort. We played some games while we waited for the fireworks....oh and we had a yummy bbq before we went!

Here are some of our friends!

The fireworks didnt last that long but it was fun, i know the picture is sideways...sorry.

Last Sunday Lamar and I went down to Pounders beach for our sunday walk, were so lucky!!

We walked up on the rocks and took some pictures, we were waiting for the water to splash up so our faces are kinda funny.

This last picture is Kahuku golf course, Lamar has been golfing all the time so he wanted to show me where he goes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First visitors!!!

My uncle Warren and aunt Barbara made a last minute trip to Hawaii!! So they came and found us in our little town... They took us to eat at the restaurant Ola, its out at turtle bay resort which is only 10 minutes away. We ate right next to the beach which was so nice and you can see in the picture!! The food was so yummy, and it was nice to see family! After we ate we got them tickets for the PCC or Polynesian culture center, cause we have annual passes. We hope they had a good time visiting Hawaii!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

what to say.....

Well i am bad at this! We went home to Arizona for 2 months and it was so much fun, and it was nice to have a break from work/school...and to see family. When we were in Arizona we were super lazy and we were able to be there for a lot of neat things. In Lamar's home town they got a new beautiful temple so we saw the celebration, the open house, and the prophet!! It was such a sweet experience to see the town change and grow! Another thing we got to go to was Matthew and Danielle's wedding, Matt and Lamar are good friends from growing up. It was cute to see all "the bros" together for the wedding. It was my first time going to someone elses sealing so it was awesome to be able to go. And our friends Brian and allison had their first baby, little ruby, she is sooo cute. We keep telling them that were the "godparents" haha, but they just laugh at us! They are actually coming to hawaii next month so we get to spend some time with them :) But seeing family was the best part of the whole thing, i love them soo much. Its hard being far away from them but Hawaii makes up for it.
But since we've been back there has been a couple changes in our ward and stuff, we just realized that we have less then a year here so we better start doing tourist stuff or just extend our time here....hmmm haha we will see what happens! We got an xbox 360 with netflix which we love at night, we rearranged our apartment so we have space for people and to stay with us..hint hint! But we had a good 4th of july, we had an amazing bbq with friends, then fireworks at turtle bay. But besides that i work and lamar goes to school, same old stuff. We can't wait til byuh volleyball games start up, we miss the sports!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday and Random days

I was looking at the pictures in our camara and thought i should blog about them!!

On Thanksgiving we went to our friend Clayton's house... It was the coolest thanksgiving ever cause we ate our dinner on a surfboard! haha We were so grateful for claytons family for welcoming us to their home.
Last weekend we went downtown in Ala Moana Beach Park cause they had a little carnival, it was funny cause all the long lines were for the kiddy rides!

Our Favorite..... the zipper!

These next pictures were taken on Feb 27, 2010, my 21st birthday and the tusnami warning...
Haha everyone was getting gas, but its an island where were we gonna go?!?

We went up on this hill called temple hill it was right behind the temple.... and we waited..

The view of the ocean, thank goodness nothing bad happened!

The temple is still under construction and the guys that usually work on it, probably not members, were up on top throwing a football....interesting.
We are going to Arizona for a couple months and were super excited to see family and friends!! So i should have more to blog about!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

photo shoot

Right before christmas our wonderful friend crystal did a little photo shoot for us!! The beach is the best background for any photo!