Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday and Random days

I was looking at the pictures in our camara and thought i should blog about them!!

On Thanksgiving we went to our friend Clayton's house... It was the coolest thanksgiving ever cause we ate our dinner on a surfboard! haha We were so grateful for claytons family for welcoming us to their home.
Last weekend we went downtown in Ala Moana Beach Park cause they had a little carnival, it was funny cause all the long lines were for the kiddy rides!

Our Favorite..... the zipper!

These next pictures were taken on Feb 27, 2010, my 21st birthday and the tusnami warning...
Haha everyone was getting gas, but its an island where were we gonna go?!?

We went up on this hill called temple hill it was right behind the temple.... and we waited..

The view of the ocean, thank goodness nothing bad happened!

The temple is still under construction and the guys that usually work on it, probably not members, were up on top throwing a football....interesting.
We are going to Arizona for a couple months and were super excited to see family and friends!! So i should have more to blog about!