Monday, June 15, 2009

Our crazy life

It feels like our lifes have been going so fast ever sence lamar got accepted to BYU Hawaii. We have been on many roadtrips to visit family, friends, and cool places.....We have kept ourselves plenty busy and it still hasn't stopped, but we are having tons of fun! Lamar left on Sunday to Grants, New Mexico to work construction with his friends and should get a better pay and have fun while doing it. I'm still in Thatcher working at Curtis Landscape and learning lots! haha now I know if you plant your trees too deep they will die! It's about 5 weeks til we leave so we have been craming things into our schedule and keeping busy! We have almost everything figured out and are getting ready to be beach bums!

We just got back from one of our trips we had to fit into our busy schedule....we went to Utah to see my grandparents and my brother Nolan and his wife Keree and their adorable baby boy Perry came down from Idaho....we got to go up with my other brother Bryan and his wife Gabi too. We took some pictures to share with you all!