Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beach days

Here are some pictures from the beach, it's finally summer weather here...

We did some fun things with Lamar's parents. This place Kualoa Ranch does these tours, cause lots of movies are filmed there. I put up a couple pictures from the tour. Lamar went golfing with his dad and some friends. We went to this japanese resturant after graduation, where they cook right in front of you too... Enjoy the pictures!

Lamar graduated!!!! It's crazy to think that we have been in Hawaii almost 2 years. It has been probably the best time of my life so far. We have grown to rely on each other and grow closer together. It's sad that our time here is up, but we have learned what we needed to. So it's time to get all uncomfortable again and move....find new friends, new town, new school, and we'll be parents this time. We have met so many people that have become family here and it's sad to think we might not see some of them again. Lamar's parents came out again for graduation, it was fun to have some family here. We took lots of pics of the things we did with them, so i'll have to do another post!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our past week

On Monday the 28th I went in for my last prenatal check up. I mentioned I had some spotting and so my doctor did an ultrasound to check the baby and to check my cervix. The baby was 3 pounds and the heart beat was strong. But my cervix was half the thickness it should have been. So my doctor had me go to the hospital the next day to get some tests done. They did a test to see if the baby could come within the next 2 weeks and it came back positive. So I got a fancy bracelet and was moved to a bigger, better room. I got hooked up the a machine to monitor the babies heart and my contractions. They wanted to give me steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop. They were given 24 hours apart so we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We were planning on flying home to Arizona after Lamar graduates next week but the health of me and the baby are way more important then the plans we already made. So our lives changed so fast in one day, everyone has been so understanding and helpful. It is comforting to know we are being taken care of and watched over. I don't think having my first baby on an airplane is a good idea, so I am glad to say our baby boy will be born in Hawaii. haha I love my doctor and the hospital so it is comforting to know what to expect. It's crazy to think we could be parents very soon, hopefully not too soon.. He needs to grow more before he is aloud to come! I will have weekly doctor appointments now and I will try to keep everyone updated! I look so cute in these pics haha thought everyone should enjoy them!