Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm still living in Thatcher going to school and working. School is going well I'm almost through one semester, and one more to go. A new and exciting thing has happened in my life! I have a boyfriend, his name is Lamar Innes. He returned from his mission about a month ago. We met at EA's homecoming bonfire about 2 weeks ago. It's all kinda funny cause before he even got home all of our friends wanted to get us together. And now we're dating! The night he asked me to be his girlfriend we went up to this place on Mount Graham on his dirt bike. When we got to the right place we were under all the stars talking and everything just clicked and it's awesome. 2 days ago we were watching a movie and he paused it and started talking to me and he gave me a promise ring!! Everything is so amazing and right. It's crazy to think about it all, but i know I'm doing what makes me happy and thats by doing all the little things that brings me closer to my Heavenly Father and he blesses me.