Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You will laugh.....our funny/crazy Hawaii stories

This is some of our funny stories that we've created since we've been here! Some stories have pictures others don't, sorry. If they don't have a picture just be glad, they wouldn't be pretty anyways.....lets begin. Ok this one was random but cool, behind our apartment there is a banana tree. So Lamar climbed up and grabbed some...were trying to look like monkeys. Ha but after we took them home our landlord went and cut the whole bunch down, we didn't know if it was so we didn't take anymore but they were yummy!

First of all we got to use this board for free cause the owner of the surf shop went to EAC. It was sweet, but those things make you so tried....Lamar being the only man around got to carry it to the beach and back, it's tricky to get use to at first but you stand up and paddle. Almost impossible for me to do against the wind.....me and Leisel had this great idea to snorkel to another beach, around this big rock thing, while Lamar paddled over there. I was so tried, and I got creeped out with how deep the water got and ya lets just say I am not doing that again..but then Me and Lamar switched and that's when the wind started and ya we slept good that night.

These lovely pictures were taken while waiting for the bus to come take us home, it takes a long time sometimes and we get a little crazy.....we went to walmart to get some things and Lamar took a big bag and so we just stuffed everything into the bag. We also got a box fan, so we were walking down to the bus stop and noticed the bus was stopped at a red light...so we start running to the bus stop, I have a backpack on and the box fan in my hands, and Lamar had the huge black bag.....the bus stopped sooner to get me, and then Lamar got on too. We probably looked like idiots runny down the street....just picture it, haha.

This is at the top of Diamond Head. I think I was the only one that thought they were gonna die before I made it to the top. They had some crazy steep stairs, there was like 100 in a row...but we did it!!

Last but not least....this one doesn't have a picture thank goodness. We ate at taco bell one day cause we didn't go grocery shopping yet and later that night i paid for it. I woke up around 3 with these painful cramps and our apartment was so hot...so I went outside to get fresh air....I was cooled off some and I had to go to the bathroom, I believe I had food poisoning. I was going to the bathroom and i felt my stomach doing something, I had to barf too....so it went all over my lap...worse night of my life, but luckily my husband woke up right then and helped me clean up my mess... I know it's gross.

Hopefully there will be more stories to come!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So we are finally feeling settled in and comfortable here, even though we'll be moving for fall semester into another apartment that we be better for us. But I found two jobs, I am gonna be working at McDonalds and a salon. I start at the salon tomorrow, that job kinda feel into my arms-I went and talked to them a while back and never did anything about it. Then we walked right by it and one of the other girls that works there told me that I could have a job right there. A huge blessing right there, something where I know what I am doing and really nice people work there. So we'll see who it goes, I am gonna start out w orking for a girl that is going on vacation so I think it's gonna be a temperary job, or they'll just call me when they need me kinda thing. McDonalds was the only place i town that we knew was hiring so I gave it a shot and they hired me, I miss the last orientation so I just have to wait til the next one some time this week. It is the coolest McDonalds I have even seen, haha they have a waterfall in the eating place, come on that is pretty sweet! But we have been so blessed here so far and we're starting to figure how things work around here....we love being able to walk 5 minutes to the beach and enjoy the view!

I am all finished appling for school, ya I am gonna try to go to BYUH.....I was thinking about going into something with art, they have photography classes and lots of hands on classes. It looks like fun and it's something to look forward to! So if you can tell our lives are kinda crazy exciting at the same time. Since Leisel left we haven't done very much site seeing but we plan to when we have a little more time!

Lamar is doing great in his classes and he's working hard but he knows how to fit in all the fun into his schedule!

We are starting to get use to our ward now, it has families with lots of kids, there is just a few couples without kids so it's fun to see all the different families there. It a married/student ward. The bishop might give us callings before we move, were not sure if we'll be in the same ward, but everything is great so far!